May 5, 2014

Meet the Board

Who makes all this crazyness happen you may ask? The Board does. Its members and roles are listed below and as the season progresses we'll learn a bit more about these cool cats! Want to be on the board?! Talk to any of these folks and they will let you know how you can join up!
  • President - Cody Blotske
  • VP (Fall Pres) - Andy Keegan
  • Social Chair - Hillary Haga
  • Social Committee - Noah Johnson & Laura Swenson
  • Charity Chair - Jackie Londo
  • Charity Committee - Melissa Haun
  • Head Ref - Trevor Adamek
  • Equip Managers - Trevor & AJ LaVenture
  • GMOT Blogger - Michelle Lien
  • GMOT Editor - Will Besser
  • Stats Manager - Kari Arneson
  • Stats Assistant - Tim Soedarjatno
  • Past President - Andy List
More information in the coming week(s) as well!

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