Jun 4, 2014

Week 4: Hold My Beer and Watch This (Capitol)

Hold My Beer and Watch This awkwardly danced their way to a double victory last Thursday night.  Lead by Will V's general body rolls, Jess's stiff lower body movements, Michelle's duck face/peace signs, and Nate's general absenteeism from his designated position the team showed just how awesome kickball can be.  

During the first game, Ready to Rumballs attempted to distract HMBWT with some sweet toonage.  Little did they know they were just fueling HMBWT's mad kickball skills.  Bryce, clearly attempting to prove that he is ready for fatherhood, caught and cradled any ball that came in his general vicinity as if infants were falling from the heavens.  Bryce also may have set a world record for flambongos taken in a single game, as he continually kicked it out of the park.

Later in the second game the other team attempted to confuse HMBWT by playing twenty seconds of songs, which led to a general protest by Michelle that the evening needed more Miley.  Eventually someone explained the completely foreign concept of walk on music, which briefly silenced the protests - until something like REALLY good came on.  

Overall kickball was played, beer was drank, hilarity ensued. 

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