Jun 4, 2014

Week 4: Ball So Hard (Twin Cities)

"TickBalls; Ball so Hard gets Whited Out"

BRYN MAWR, Minn – Ball so Hard fought off the mosquitos but dropped a tough one to the White team. After introductions and getting Ball so Hard’s newest addition, Cait A, back from the DL, they took the field in the top half of the inning for the first time. Following a flurry of seven innings, Ball so Hard came out non-victorious in a 6-4 defeat.

Top plays of the night from each player:
Cory – Exceled on defense in his flashy orange top and scored one of the team’s four runs.
Abby – Premiered as the top NEON participant.
Mary – Had a great catch in center field.
Will – Came in third in the sliding contest.
Caitlin – Season debut with a single and some great catches at second.
Ali – With a great catch in left field.
Jon – With one run scored and won the sliding into bases contest.
Dan – MVP on the night with two of the four runs scored.
Lana – Strong pitching performance.
Phil – Golden Goose grabs the top ‘scary’ moment of the night.
Curtis – Great defense up the middle and a wicked single.
Brandon – Superior catching in right field.
Katherine – Top dog award.
Laruen – Strong pitching debut.
Erin – Almost scored at home but couldn't go back to third award.

Flippy cup scores were still under review when release went to print.

Next week slates Ball so Hard vs The Unstoppaballs at 6:30 p.m. on Field 4 once again. Theme for the week is Yee-Haw!!! Get your cowboy/cowgirl outfits out for another rough riding week of kickball!

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