Sep 9, 2014

Uncontrollable Runs ... An Introduction

They are a loveable (read: hateable) bunch of drinkers who can sometimes (all the time) take kickball and flip cup too seriously. But that competitiveness is what it takes to become a dynasty. 4 seasons, 3 championships for the Runs, but Summer was the first time winning the real deal. While the runs have flown for years now, it has been their defense, much like the Seattle Seahawks, that has lead to their victories (Packers suck). The biggest struggle for the team has been Friday mornings, as rousing games of King Of The Hill tend to be their downfall every Thursday night. After last seasons heartbreaking loss early in the flip cup tournament, the team knew what they had to do: bring in a few ringers. So we welcome to the team Emily and Kelly, two aces on the field, but more importantly, kings of the hill in flip cup. This team now rosters 22 players, so we have a lot of depth for flip cup should there be any shoulder or wrist injuries, and will gladly challenge any team to a full team battle royal.

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