Sep 9, 2014

Uncontrollable Runs (TC Week 2)

The Runs entered the game with 18 players. While confident in their size, the team looked nervous, most notably because of their opponents team name, Flipnado. After a few defensive innings, the Runs finally hit their stride in the 3rd, sending in a home run, that moved the lead to 10-1. After his boot, Andy was showered with praise. Over the noise of the crowd, you could faintly make out what he was saying. He addressed it after the game, while signing autographs and getting phone numbers: "I just was yelling 'game ova!' in honor of Desi. Just imagine what it will be like when I kick with my dominant foot!". After a difficult fallout in the bottom of the 3rd, the score fell to 10-4, which is how the game would end. Player of the game went to Liz, for her double play catch to end the 3rd inning and kill their scoring. Off a driven ball to 2nd, with runners on base, Liz could be heard screaming "I don't have it! I don't have it!". Being the sly devil she is, we all knew in fact that she did, as Liz caught the ball while the runner had taken off, then threw out the runner at 2nd, getting the double play and ending the inning. While she didn't enjoy the 2 Gingers after the game, we are confident the team will not forget and let her pass up her MVP shot. Game Note: Charlie kicked a home run so far, it hit the back trees in the air, and was therefore deemed a dead ball. He will kick it less far next time.

At the real event, the Runs sent in some of their top veterans to take on a team known around WAKA for the flipping skills. After an early fumble, the team had their backs on the wall and needed a timeout, down 2-0. They were shitting the bed. Jackie could be heard over the deafening cheers of Seahawks fans calmly screaming at the team to get their heads out of their asses. After a comeback eerily similar to the Red Sox 2004 AL championship series, fans cheered, players shed tears, and joy struck over one side of the table. For one night at least, the Runs again were champions.

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