Oct 5, 2014

Ball so Hard Week 6 (TC)

Ball so Hard showed some real grit this week.  Seriously several of them were covered in grit, grass and mud by the end of this game.  Despite balmy mid 50's weather, a soaked field and rain throughout the game Ball so Hard brought their A game.  Jon started the game off with a solo Home Run in the top of the 1st.  Ball so Hard's always solid defense showed through with Lana taking the mound and Jess making some big catches in Right and Center field (we had to cover a lot of turf with 8 players.)  Tom was able to strike with the second run in the 4th before we really kicked it big in the top of the 5th putting up 3 more to take the lead with runs from Tom, Jess and Krista.  Krista and Tina had some big catches in the field to go with Cleo's always dominant play at 1st.  With a one run lead Ball so Hard thought they had the game wrapped up with a 1 run lead through 5 however the time showed only 8:14.

Ball so Hard with their American attitude showed great sportsmanship and told Flipnado to bring on one more.  Jess put up one more run in the top of the 6th however we could not hold on in the bottom half as there was a near fatal collision at 3rd between Jon, Kevin and a Flipnadian(?).  Despite the one run loss, fun was had by all as we look forward to "We Mean Business" week.

Courtesy of our honorary captain of the week, Tom M.

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