Oct 5, 2014

Uncontrollable Runs Week 6 (TC)

What a horrible game last night. Absolutely embarrassing. The team that trotted out there last night looked like they didn't care at any point, and got kicked around the whole time. The coach needs to take a lot of the blame as well. The team was just not prepared. Hopefully next week Teddy Bridgewater can play, so they have a chance at winning.

In kickball news, the Runs also lost last night, 9-8. While up 7-6 as time expired, the team decided to play another inning because we barely got to play with a late start. Big time backfire. While up 8-6 with 2 outs and 2 men on, a blooper pop fly was sent to center. With no cleats and a few beers, the center fielder slipped, 3 run homer, game over. Every season a loss at some point is inevitable, better to get it out of the way before the playoffs, right?

The team was all around not prepared. The pitcher was in Chicago, the center fielder made up a fake story that his cell phone died (his girlfriend wasn't there) and just no-showed, the new pitcher was throwing beach balls, Home Run Chuck and Home Run Chick (Hannah) were both gone, the right fielder was showing off how well he could hold a beer while watching balls go over his head, and most importantly, nobody on the team had cleats, while the other team came well prepared.

In one bright note: Jackie is a Packers fan. So I guess she had an ok night.

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