Aug 25, 2015

Welcome Back Ballers!

Fall Season is finally upon us! As many are making their way towards St Paul these next few weeks for Pizza tots, Beer Gelato, giant farm animals and heavy Minnesotan accents, those of us that were lucky enough, and brave enough, are strapping on our colorful jerseys to take on another Fall season of kickball in Uptown!

I'm not sure what all of you have been doing these past 2 months since the Summer playoffs, but this local player is still not sleeping well since the heartbreaking loss to the champions, Booze On First, followed up by a first round exit in flip cup. This off season has since been filled with two-a-days, meditation, and anger management classes, oh and tons of IDGAFs about the loss. Because after all, "it's just a game", right?

But with each season brings a fresh start to meet new people and challenge your skills both on the field and on the flip cup court. This year will undoubtedly bring on new weekly themes, contests, and fun. It will bring on laughter and joy, high-fives and toasts, beer flips and beer flops, friendships and love, heartbreak and tears... one thing is for certain though, this season will be another one for the record books!

Please stay active on the blog this year (secret prizes to those who comment), as we will be putting out new content hopefully consistently, with updated scores and standings, and features on each team. If your captain is not your best writer, find someone else, or better yet, hire a local reporter to follow your team and deliver new and exciting news on the inside scoop of the team, some hard hitting journalism. We want to know what really is going on inside the locker room.

A few changes will be posted later and mentioned at the captains meeting, including rule changes, score tracking changes, as well as the bar location, which is in uptown this year! The season is just a few weeks away, so get ready for some fun in the sun (or snow)!

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