Sep 14, 2015

Twin Cities: Kickball This Thursday!

Can You Feel It!? Kickball starts this week! Please note these first 2 weeks, we have 3 game times, so game times start at 6pm, 7pm, and 8pm rather than the usual 6:30 and 7:30 first pitches. This week at 6pm is the first game of the season: Balls and Dolls vs I'll Cut A Pitch, with Pitch, Please reffing. This is sure to be a great game, and if you are new to WAKA, or as avid as fan as me, a game that would be fun to watch to learn the rules and strategies.

To get things rolling, we want everyone in WAKA to get to know the admins that help make this league possible. Kicking it off is Kim!

Name: Kim Shipley
Age: 10th anniversary of my 21st year
Team: Kick This
Board Position: Charity Co-Chair
Favorite MSP Neighborhood: I'm still new to the area but I am enjoying my Kingsfield neighborhood
Favorite Drink: Bourbon
Way To Your Heart: See above, big Makers fan

Please make sure to say hello to Kim this week and find out more about the WAKA charity and our yearly involvement in different organizations.

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