Sep 17, 2015

SPONSOR BAR: The Pourhouse

BOOM! It took a little bit of last minute wheelin' and dealin', but our sponsor bar is officially The Pourhouse downtown again! For the veterans to WAKA, we went to Pourhouse two (was it 3?) years ago after kickball and it was great. Food/drink deals, plus the back area for flip cup, beer pong, bags, and hammerschlagen! Unfortunately all this means is there are now far more games for everyone to lose to me at :(

Official bar deals will be posted when we receive them later, but I am sure they will be great as usual.

See everyone tonight! Weather CLAIMS it has all but passed (might sprinkle at 6pm too), but bring a rain coat just in case (neon preferred!). As a reminder, all kickball games are played in rain and are always on unless notified by the league officials. League Officials will send out an email and text the captains ASAP, but assume the games are on unless notified. We are like the USPS, "neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these kickballers from the swift competition of their appointed rounds."

Also as a reminder, please be respectful of the park and city policies on no open containers. If you must drink (you scoundrels), have all the beer covered, bring koozies, and try not to bring coolers.

If you all need a reminder what you're playing for, let me quick post this random photo from some championship team from Fall 2013, who happened to take home the trophies in both kickball AND flip cup. Congratulations to the Uncontrollable Runs, whoever you are.

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