Sep 17, 2015

President's Corner

Greetings my little Kickball-Kitties!

Today we assemble to repeat the WAKA Kickball ritual ... Begun in Washington D.C. (observed by all my predecessors), and now a time-honored custom, which marks the commencement of a new term of the WAKA Presidential office and the beginning of the Fall season ... the President's Corner!

My name is Michelle however my friends and foes alike know me as Mean Lien... or just Michelle. I believe I’m in my 5th year / 10th season of kickball and play for (arguably) the most veteran and kicka** team in the league – Kick This.

I assure you I'm more than qualified for the position. Maybe. I've worked my way up the Kickball ladder; from Newbie, to Charity Chair, to Blog Editor and have finally peaked in my career as President. Finally. Phew. I hope Ralph Nader should one day be as successful as I.

Anyway! I'm extremely excited for the season to get underway. As a gentle reminder for all those veterans out there, be sure to give a warm welcome to that random who signed up and place on your team. Offer them a beer. Make awkward small talk. Show them our ways.



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