Sep 18, 2015

Uncontrollable Runs - Week 1

The Uncontrollable Runs faced a familiar foe last night. Ball So Hard had been circled on the calendar since July, when they knocked out the Runs in the 1st round of the flip cup tournament. It would appear that BSH wanted to retain some dignity though, and they must have learned about our team using weighted cups in practice, because they failed to show up at the bar, leaving the Runs with a 3-0 forfeit win. Thankfully Pitch, Please was there, and a 22 person game of King Of The Hill took place, with, you guessed it, Nicole taking home 1st. "I feel like flip cup is getting easier every time. Maybe it's just the competition," quipped Nicole. The festivities also included Liquid Thursdays at the Pourhouse, leaving Jack feeling miserable that he missed out on the 18+ party.

In kickball, the Runs started off the season doing what they do best: running up the score early. Up 12-2 in the bottom of the 2nd, the team began having fun and really enjoying their Thursday night. It was disgusting to witness. What came next was no surprise, as Cory from BSH sent a moonshot to deep left for a grand slam. Next thing they knew, it was 13-11 going into the final inning. In the final inning, BSH sent two would be home runs to deep center, but unfortunately they forgot to check their scouting report, and they sent them towards Hannah. She gave chase, and of course, caught both. These two catches would prove huge for the team, as the Runs held on to win 15-13, with Hannah taking home MVP honors in her first game back from having a son, Liam!

In other game news, newcomers Eric and Kasey proved to be multi-tool players, as both took turns in the outfield and at center. This versatility could come in handy come playoffs. In the batter's box, things went ok, as Eric shot a supposed home run deep, but we will never know what would have been, as he failed to touch at least 2 of the bases and was called out. "I hit it so far I didn't even think it mattered how close I was to the base" Eric exclaimed, his words falling on deaf ears.

Next week the Runs take on Unstoppaballs, the team that knocked them out of the playoffs in 2014. The previous match up between these two teams was a heated battle to the end in the Spring league, with the Runs squeaking out a last inning comeback. Here's to hoping for that repeat!

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