Sep 18, 2015

Ball So Hard - Week 1

Week 1 was a soggy, slippery mess. As the team got reacquainted after a month off from kickball, everyone introduced themselves to the rookies on the squad(Brett, Amy and Kory).

    As Ball So Hard took the field for the first time the game faces came on. In a first inning where Uncontrollable Runs used their power to hit multiple home runs, Ball So Hard didn’t back down. Down eight runs, Dan led off the bottom half of the first with a 10 pitch at bat that led to a single. Cory followed up with a home run to bring in Ball So Hard’s first runs of the game. After a defensive 2nd inning by both teams the scored remained 2-8. The third inning was all about the rookies. Kory took an absolute line drive right to the gut to make an incredible catch. The second out of the inning was a high pop fly that Amy handled like a pro. The bottom half of the inning started out with a great kick by Krasta to get on first. Dan then crushed one of his two home runs to make the score 4-11. The fifth inning was all Ball so Hard. Amy started the inning out with a hard hit single to center. Dan followed up with a bunt single. Lana then hit liner right over third base to load up the bases. As the wind picked up, Cory hit a deep fly to center field…..with the ball in the air the center fielder stumbles on the wet grass and misses the catch. The bases clear and a new score reads 8-11 as we head to the 6th. 

    After a couple great kicks by the opposition, Uncontrollable Runs plate two more. Some speedy defensive by Brett kept runs off the the board. Brett was all over the place keeping the ball in front of him and even making a ridiculous throw to get an out on a guy advancing to third. After four runs the 5th, the runs just kept coming. Kory, Amy and Krasta all with well placed singles had the bases loaded for Dan. Were we in for a second grand slam of the night!?! YES!!! Dan gets a rocket of a hit that lands at first base of the OTHER field. As Dan runs into home with a huge shit eating grin on his face, everyone high fives and slaps his ass and Lana probably gave him a kiss (EWWW). New score reads 12-14. The Runs plate one more in the top of the 7th as Ball so Hard licks their chops to get a walk off win. Brett gets on with a soft single. Tina walks to the plate with some swagger as if she knew what was going to happen next. She rips a double to left center and scores Brett! The rest of the inning was all Runs and Ball So Hard falls in week one by the score of 13-15. 

    As I sit here with a glass of wine in hand reading over the scorebook, I see a lot of potential in this team for the fall season. Maybe its the wine talking, but we could win more games than all of spring season! See you all next week!

(Editor's Note: Ball So Hard failed to show up to the bar after the game. I'd imagine it must have been to nurse their wounds from the hard fought battle, because their flip cup skills are usually unmatched)

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