Oct 26, 2015

Ball So Hard - Week 6

After a week off, BSH came into week 6 with a recovering liver and kickball on the brain. With the bye week behind them, BSH came into the first inning thinking about a win and working on strategy. A couple bunt base hits put BSH in the drivers seat right away. The rookie biaotch Jackson finally showed up and wasted little time in getting a RBI in his first at bat. With a 2-0 lead, BSH looked to their new stud pitcher Kris to keep the Roshamboers in check. Innings two and three flew by with great defense by both teams. As tensions begin to rise, BSH struggled to keep the Roshamboers in check and the lead slowly slipped away. Kory was a full backstop at first making sure nothing would pass and getting 87% of the outs for the game.  Heading into the top of the 6th inning, BSH led off with top bunter Lauren. With an original member of BSH making a celebrity appearance, Phil wasted little time in bringing back his swagger and crushing a base hit to center.  With the bases loaded and two outs, Jackson came to the plate and with ice in his veins and delivered a clutch base hit to center to TIE the game! After an extra inning to decided the game, Roshamboers and BSH ended in something close to kissing your sister (a tie).

Pourhouse once again proved to be where Amy, Kris and Kory shined brightly. Although some of the team struggled at flip cup(names will not be disclosed) the Purdue grads held BSH together. After a 3-0 win because Roshamboers never showed (Did we do something wrong?), BSH took on all comers. Uncontrollable Runs still bitter about their spring playoff loss in flip cup decided to challenge BSH in king of the hill. While most of the team struggled right away Tina and Tom dominated. With another fun night with friends in the books, another headache awaits in the morning.

See you all next week!

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