Jun 13, 2016

Know Your Board!

Name: Caroline Kinkel
Age: 28
Team: Kick This - Purple Lilac
Board Position: Vice President
What kind of VP will you be: The best kind ever, duh!
Favorite MSP Neighborhood: If only The Fremont were a neighborhood... 'Cause Uptown Funk gon' give it to you. Mpls is a great city! I guess it depends what kind of mood I'm in and what adventures (food, bars, lakes, entertainment) I'm looking for.
Favorite Drink: Let's face it.. All I drink is Coors. Oh, and Fireball, Lemon Drops, and Jamo shots. Ok, that's about it!
Way to your heart: Challenge me in Flip Cup or shotgunning a beer and you're a winner! Theres nothing better than a rugged man who loves the outdoors and has an adventurous side! If they're a good cook, even better.
Best Quality About Yourself: I'm a laid back and just go with the flow gal from Boston. I enjoy the outdoors, traveling, sports, and am a total gym rat. Life can be challenging but is a total adventure so never pass up on something that is handed to ya! Get out and have some fun!

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