Jun 14, 2016

Uncontrollable Runs - Midseason Review

(not pictured: all the chumps who don't come to the bar/left early)

To start the season, the Uncontrollable Runs are off and running, with heroic showings from the new players filling in nicely.  Some casual fans and analysts began questioning before the season if this team had it in them for another strong season. Grad school, children, and abandonment had taken a few key players from last years roster. But that has not been the case, as the Runs find themselves 4-0. The team brought on new faces this season, adding TJ, Brady, and Terin to the roster, and dare I say, the team is even better than before (if that's possible). MVP awards are starting to become a trend for Liz, as she earns her minutes on 2nd base, the mound, and at the plate. Jorts are being worn by more and more players again, getting back to the original roots of what made this team so strong. Teammates are slippin and slidin all over the place, even in one case slip n slidin and home runnin (Charlie). Tons of players have stepped up to the mound this year, which is allowing Randy Tom Johnson to rest his arm and elbow for the playoff push at the end of the year. Most notably though is the defense, which has played a major factor in keeping the runs atop the leader board.

Last Thursday, the Runs took on Sons O' Pitches, a team they are very familiar with throughout the seasons. With a slip n slide at first, things would get extra slippery early on, as the runs were flowing. If you haven't noticed by now, by waiting until the following week, I can't quite remember anything that happened in the game. Thankfully we have pictures and videos which will have to suffice.

Defense looking prepared for a strikeout...

After a strong showing, the team gets to clean the runs of their shorts (except Lucy).

Even scarier this year however, is the new practice and hours the team put into honing their flip cup skills for the upcoming tournament. If this video doesn't put the fear of life into your team, I'm not sure what will. (WARNING: flips may be too fast for some viewers)

How did these two cute cats get in there?


So the season rolls on. 4-0 in kickball, 3-1 in flip cup (due to a tough matchup solely versus AJ).Coming up this week is a matchup versus a very familiar foe, who find themselves without their wannabe Adam Banks after he allegedly biked purposefully into a curb after finding out we played this week.

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