Sep 6, 2016

Know Your Board Members!

Every season, we like to introduce, or re-introduce, our board members. Before the season starts, we want you all to make sure you know your President, Caroline, and your Vice President, Kyle.


What a great Spring season! It was awesome having several new teams for our Thursday night league. I hope you all enjoyed your first season or returning season to WAKA. After joining WAKA back in Spring 2012, I believe my team, Kick This has come a long way. We have finally found our niche as the same goes for many other teams. Some have met their best friends through WAKA while others, their lovers and now are married...having babies....DAMN! Where does the time go?!

I am looking forward to being your president during this years fall ball at Painter Park followed by Fremont shenanigans (yes, my second home). Although Kick This allowed Uncontrollable Runs to beat them (not just once, but twice) in final flip cup, Kick This will be sure to bring their A game. If we can't pull off the Win, I sure hope our new VP, Kyle Johnson and his team, Sons O' Pitches can defeat the Runs.

I can't wait for an amazing upcoming season starting September 8th! If you find yourself asking "who the hell is this broad" just run around looking for the 5'2" brunette with a poof and bandana....that's me!

Your most loving president,

Caroline (aka Stinky Kinky)

(and now for your VP, Kyle)

My name is Kyle and I'm the new Vice President.  I joined WAKA when I first moved to Minneapolis in the Fall of 2012 to meet new people and to have fun.  I'm happy to say that I've played every season since and some of my best friends are people I met through kickball. I love the games, the people, and of course the awesome parties.  Looking forward to another great season!

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