Sep 6, 2016



This season, we will be playing at Painter Park and partying at The Fremont in Uptown. Here are some key details for our first game this Thursday!

This week’s Theme:  SPORTS JERSEYS. With the first official week of the NFL here, we invite everyone to wear their favorite football jersey to kickball this week. So naturally wear your purple and gold, and don't worry about wearing green unless you like losing the division at home in the last week of the season...

New Teams – themes are important. Each team dresses up according to the theme and there are special “Best Dressed” prizes handed out at the bar.

Shirts Update:  Our shirts have been ordered (they should arrive next week), but we expect you to wear football jerseys this week anyways!

Schedule/Scores:  Following games each week, every captain and home plate ref is responsible for texting both team's scores to our GMOT inbox (612-467-9252). You can also email them, and a game write-up and photos, to the same inbox at editorGMOT@gmail.com.

Schedule available here https://www.kickball.com/files/Kickball%20Fall%20Schedule%20-%202016.pdf

Remember to also text your flip cup scores!

Alcohol Policy: Remember everyone, Minneapolis Parks has a strict no-alcohol in the park policy and have their own department to patrol this. No visible cans, coolers, etc. Keep it classy kickballers! And consider yourself warned.

Charity Update: If you’ve played past seasons, you know how much fun our charity nights and mid-season/end-of-season parties can be during the season. We are excited to announce that we will be supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation this season. Are you interested in helping out? If so, let us know!

Sponsor Bar Reminder: Join us every Thursday night at The Fremont for team flip cup and kickball specials. We hope to see everyone this week for the following kickball specials:

• $5 Burger Basket
• $5 Wing Basket (bone-in or boneless)
• $5 Nacho Basket
• $7 Coors Light Pitcher Special
• $3 Domestic Pints
• $3 Rail Drinks
• $5 WAKA Shot Special

Additional Key Dates:

• September 8 – Kickball Week 1
• September 9 – Final Day for Players to Register (and final shirt order)
• October – Mid-Season Party (Details TBD)
• November 12 – Saturday Playoffs
• November 18 or 19 – End-of-Season Party (Details TBD)

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