Jun 2, 2017

Fresh Kicks of Ball Air: Week 5 - David vs Goliath

With a beautiful June day above them, Fresh Kicks had their sights set as giant slayers. As the first inning progressed, a couple DEEP home runs gave Goliath an aggressive advantage. As Fresh Kicks slowly chipped away at the lead, it ultimately didn't matter as Goliath walked away with a 10-4 win. Although there was some #SCTop10 plays by Phil and Josh, it wasn't enough defense to stay within reach of UR. With likely our best game of the season, we kicked (decently) well and played good enough defense to get a win, but it wasn't enough on this night.

Fresh Kicks made their way to the bar a little light as most of the squad had other plans. Rookie Chelsea proved to be a team player as she showed up after work to get her flip cup game on. After a round of King of the Hill to prove the final five, Chelsea, Megan, Shannon, Liz and Cory approached the flip cup table with nothing but confidence. After a first game win, the confidence built. UR came back with two wins to put Fresh Kicks on the ropes. Fresh Kicks won the fourth game thanks to nothing but one flips by the entire squad. As game five was under way, Fresh Kicks didn't miss a cup, but when it came to the anchor of both teams UR was able to get their cup to stick 1/100 of a second faster than Fresh Kicks. With a tough couple losses, Fresh Kicks look to next week to bounce back on and off the field. If it's nice out, I look to bring a slip and slide out, so dress appropriately. I'll keep you updated.

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