Jun 2, 2017

Uncontrollable Runs - Midseason Report

With 5 games having past already, the season is moving along far too quickly. Something amiss has been in the air this season, as the team has yet to have their entire roster at a game. The once proud defensive abilities of the Runs have fallen by the wayside, as the team is far more focused on "having fun", "beer in hand", and "it's only a game, Focker". Their so called Player/Captain/Coach/Mr Reliable/Mr Charming/Mr Humble/Mickey with the Good Hair has only been to 3 of the games so far, and is missing at least two more, as well as the playoffs. This lack of leadership has had a major trickle down effect on the teams bunting ability, defensive awareness, and apparently their general understanding of kickball.

All that said, the team remains 5-0 on the field, 4-1 in flip cup (due to a forfeit because our 5th flip cup player is a doctor and had to be at work at 5am, so the team couldn't wait any longer, while the opponents who will not be named, let's call them Team K This, stalled by eating dinner and playing king of the hill until he had to leave, but we aren't salty). Comebacks and close wins have been the tale of the regular season, as the team prepares for a playoff push without many of its players, missing due to lack of commitment, or lack of heart.

On a positive note, the team will be adding to its growing list of mascots, as Matilda (Tillie) will be bringing Uncontrollable Runs to Mickey and Megan's home next Thursday (this is also our RSVP that we will not be at the game Thursday night - go team!)

Throwback Friday Photo: Summer 2012, the Uncontrollable Runs first season!

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