Jun 8, 2017

Mid-Season Party (Saturday night at the Fremont)!

Happy Kickball Thursday Team Captains!

As you saw, we announced that the Mid-Season Party starts at 6 PM this Saturday at The Fremont. Please remind all of your players about the party - noting that registered kickballers party for free and guests can join for $20! Additionally, please stress to your players that flip cup will start at 7 PM (which is earlier than usual). The Fremont wants to open up the dance floor (where we host flip cup) by 9:00 PM, so we need to start early to end early and let the dancing begin.

I unfortuntely will be out of town this weekend - but hope every one of your can attend and have an extra drink for me. Grab a board member or Zack (who manages our Wednesday kickball league) if you have any questions.

See you tonight at the fields!

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