Jun 14, 2017

Week 6: Fresh and Slippery Kicks of Ball Air

Week 6: The one that didn't slip away.

Plastic sheeting, baby oil, a 30th birthday and sunshine. This week had everything. The one thing Fresh Kicks desperately needed to make it a perfect day, was a win. With a strong defense all around in not letting Booze on First get to third all game, Fresh Kicks put themselves in the drivers seat. The slip n slide seemed to be a distraction for both teams, but Jackson in his old age was not affected. He was incredibly agile on the base paths as he came around third and slipped and slid to give Fresh Kicks a 2-0 lead. An insurance run was later added as Bakke proved yet again to come in clutch when the team needed it most. Not only did he score a run, but he threw a complete game shut out in kickball. After the game Bakke gave us his insight on why he was so successful. "I was just feeling it today. I do have to credit my defense, but I like when my ball is a little slick with oil, it gives me a little more movement and creates deception for the hitters". As the game ended, Fresh Kicks were dripping in oil, water and grass, but had big smiles on their face as they continued to slip as a team into the sunset. At the bar, they danced the night away as they collected another W on the flip cup table.

After two showers and plenty of scrubbing, I don't think my skin has felt this soft/moisturized in a very long time.

See you all next week!

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