May 3, 2013

VP Spotlight

What's up kickballers?

It's your Vice-President here! First I'd like to say welcome to another season of kickball! I could not be more happy working along side Kicklord Johnson and being his right hand man. I believe that we are a power duo that can not be stopped. Look for us on the field to welcome on new teams and be the voice of the league along with your fellow board members.

So a little background on me? I moved to the Twin Cities in May of 2010 for work. Since then I've been a part of 5 different WAKA Kickball & Social Seasons. Although most of the teams I've played on look like dirt on the field we shine on the flip cup table. So be warned my friends, Stage 5 Clingers are a force to be wrecked with at the bar. And be warned my wife is quiet the victor when it comes to King of the Hill or as she may refer to herself "Queen of the Hill". 

I can't wait to get this season started so look for me at the field. 

Bunting Backes

P.S. You can spot me this spring by the new addition my wife and I added to our family, Meet Penny Lane! 

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