Oct 4, 2013

Kick This Week 3

And but what do mine eyes see?  There... be-twixed a setting sun and mostly dried up crappy park grass comes two teams.  One, purply clad and most obviously the dregs of society.  The other, looking forlorn (but in a sexy way.  Think... a wounded duck dressed in red ribbony lingerie.  Yea, that image is brought to you by years of societal abuse.  "You're welcome" said they).  Yet, we, Kick This, sporting our casual wear, came to the field with high hopes.

The game started off swimmingly.  Chris "Smokes n's Beer, aka 'Merica!" Muellen came to kick and booted an HR bringing the score to 1-0.  Michelle "Grippy Fingers" Lien made some great outs at first catching 2 in one inning.  Then Chris "Handsom-est" Wood kicked a triple... deep (he always goes balls deep.  Not... not that I would know per se, it's just an assumed thing mind you) scoring the always scootin 'round the bases Nick Ver..Ver...Vertimigingaliara, whatever his last name is.  Muellen came up again, booted a single and scored this spritely young-ish author.  Gieger got 3 outs as pitcher in one inning.  If you like happy endings, you might as well stop here.  Or, stop at Madame Vu's Massage Parlor and Handy Express (now with 2 for 1 specials! again, uh, not that I would know), either or really.

However, the old demon of having the opposing team up in the last inning with one out to go, came back to devil bang us (no lube, naturally) yet again.  We were up 7-4.  But with bases loaded, and a couple misread plays, they scored 3 before the final out.

A tie. A tie?!?   What is this?  Hockey?  Can't be, we aren't losing market share and need a 10 month long season just to break even.

But there it ended 7-7.  In the FLIP CUP, we gave a spritely competition with it 2-2, in the final end round, lost by milli-flips.

Things are looking up, next week we'll play 4th graders.  We. Just. May. Have. A. Chance!

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