Aug 29, 2016

Captains and Player Reminders

Captains -

As we embark on another Fall season, please make sure to read up on the Responsibilities and Expectations of the captains position.

Quick Points

  • Teams can be up to 26 people - add more players than you think is necessary. Having experienced this multiple times in the past, especially once November playoffs roll around, people seem to forget they have a wedding or vacation that weekend. More players means more fun at the field and bar.
  • Every week after kickball/reffing, make sure you get as many people as possible to go to the bar, which this Fall is at The Fremont (just a couple blocks from the field!) - remember that WAKA is more of a social league than a competitive league (looking at you, my team...)

    The bar is a great way to have fun with everyone on your team, as well as meet other teams and players in a more social setting. For our team it has lead to relationships, new friendships, and even business opportunities!
  • As the captain, you set the tone for your team. Make sure you lead with a good example of having fun, and being smart. Police monitor the fields, so make sure if you do have alcohol, it is covered and being thrown away immediately. Please clean up the field completely after the games as well. We are adults, nobody should need to be taken care of.
  • Make sure you always know when you are reffing, and have 3 players from your team at the field ready to ref. Nothing kills the mood of a game faster than when refs don't show up, or roll in 15 minutes late and don't know the rules.
  • Finally - PLEASE keep the blog active. The best way to do that is take photos and videos at the field and at the bar, and send them, along with write ups, to editorgmot@gmail.com every week. The blog will have updated scores and standings every week, but is a lot more fun when there are stories or photos to go with the games.
That's all for now! See you all next week!

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